OSHA’s “permament” mask mandate

Urgent Action Needed – Quick, Easy and Important!

Oregon OSHA’s current mask and distancing mandate for state businesses, schools, and public places is expiring as of May 4th. They want to replace it with a ”permanent” mandate that will be revoked “when the pandemic ends”.  OSHA is taking public commentary on the proposed changes through this Friday, April 2nd. To see the specific rule changes go to: Text of Changes to Oregon OSHA’s Proposal on Rules Addressing the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in All Oregon Workplaces. The first page details the change from temporary to permanent status until revoked. If you oppose this unnecessary extension and power grab, there are two quick things you can do.

  1. Contact OSHA directly.  This is the most important as the comments are officially tabulated as public input. It can be as short as a sentence or as long as you want. Personal experience and reasons are great, but not necessary. For even more impact, have each adult family member or teen write in separately.  Also, consider having your child write (or copy) a letter on how it is affecting them. Then share this message.

Then share it.

It states:

We strongly oppose Oregon OSHA’s Proposal on Rules Addressing the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in All Oregon Workplaces
(437-001-0744 “Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks”)

1. No unelected public agency should be allowed “indefinite” authority over any facet of public life.

2. We dispute the assertion of a “public health emergency” in Oregon. Covid-19 has been shown
• to pose a serious risk only to the elderly and immuno-compromised population, with less risk to the young than ordinary influenza, with an overall case fatality rate of just .026,
• to be easily and inexpensively treatable especially at its early outpatient phase,
• to not be a continuing “pandemic” as falsely maintained by PCR testing, which its Nobel Prize winning inventor, Kary Mullis, has stated was designed as a research instrument and is not a valid tool for diagnosing disease.

3. These rules would continue to impose intrusive, burdensome and unnecessary reach of government into Oregon businesses, their employees, customer and client privacy, and customer freedoms to conduct commerce without government interference.

4. These intrusions would impose continuing record-keeping and other administrative burdens, limitations, and privacy invasions of indefinite duration on every business, public agency and institution involving direct customer, client or student contact.

5. Many randomized controlled trials have uniformly and conclusively shown that masks of any kind to not prevent viral transmission.

6. There is no epidemiological or other credible scientific evidence that touch avoidance and social distancing prevents viral transmission, and the 6-foot rule appears made up from thin air with no empirical foundation.

7. Several states such as Florida and countries such as Sweden that have declined mandatory lockdowns and other restrictive measures have infection and fatality rates no different than those that have smothered and destroyed countless businesses, and these more open jurisdictions have avoided the massive public health and mental health problems that economic strangulation causes.

8. There has been a mass exodus from states with draconian restrictions to more open states such as Florida. Oregon will undoubtedly suffer a comparable loss of business and tax revenues should this ridiculous rule be implemented. We have had enough!

(See 105-page PDF at https://osha.oregon.gov/OSHARules/proposed/2021/text-chngs-covid19-public-health-emergency.pdf?fbclid=IwAR29PkxphufLqRyZpAwfHHzkYd8hKhglJaxCUjOcnra7_5MBazM0DSOnjPM 

If in agreement, please sign this petition and mail your comments to Department of Consumer and Business Services/Oregon, OSHA, PO BOX 14480, Salem OR 97309-0405 by APRIL 2, and follow up with continued pressure!

E-mail – tech.web@oregon.gov

Fax – 503-947-7461

Mail –

Department of Consumer and Business Services/Oregon



PO BOX 14480

Salem OR 97309-0405