The Oregon Republican Party believes that an essential role of a limited government is to provide
for public safety through effective preparedness for and reduction of the impact on the civilian
population, infrastructure, private property, and the economy of disasters, both natural and man-
made, and to maximize the speed of recovery, prioritizing citizens first and environmental
considerations second, and with special attention to the needs of vulnerable populations.

19.1 We urge that all necessary actions be taken at all levels of government to harden
and actively protect our energy and communications infrastructure from all threats
and that urgent steps be taken to guarantee a rapid recovery from any outage.

19.2 We urge the maintenance and quick restoration of vital logistical, transit, and
emergency service systems essential to the movement of vital supplies and services.

19.3 We support preventive measures and severe criminal penalties with aggressive
prosecution of anyone attempting mass cyber-attacks on our state’s infrastructure,
businesses, and citizens.

19.4 We support taking steps to ensure access to drinkable water by hardening our water
purification infrastructure against all threats, including emergency backup water and
purification supplies for distribution.

19.5 We call upon state and local governments and communities to plan for adequate supplies
of food and medicine sufficient to sustain our state for at least 30 days.

19.6 We advocate for adequate plans ready to implement backup voice and data
communications options that can serve until services can be restored.

19.7 We support realistic, fully resourced, and tested “all hazards” mitigation, emergency
operations, and continuity of government plans to cope with all catastrophic events.

19.8 We support proactive wildfire threat reduction efforts, and the allocation of sufficient
resources to successfully fight multiple wildfires simultaneously. We call for an end to “let
it burn” policies.

19.9 We support aggressive public information campaigns to train and educate citizens on the
need for personal responsibility and self-reliance in the event of a disaster.