The Oregon Republican Party believes that all children deserve a quality education. Parents and
legal guardians have the primary right and responsibility to educate their children in the manner
they choose. We must improve our education system in partnership with parents/guardians so that
our children have the opportunity and tools to be successful in life.

4.1 Teaching the basic principles of our constitutional republic using accurate, unbiased
history is an essential foundation of education.

4.2 We support daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and educational activities that
promote pride in America and respect for its flag in our schools.

4.3 All students shall be brought to English proficiency.

4.4 We support educational choice, free of government interference. We believe competition
is the most effective mechanism for improving schools. Funding shall support all parental
options and shall be a top legislative priority.

4.5 We support local school boards setting rigorous standards for education policy,
curriculum, and testing. Local jurisdictions shall be allowed to opt out of State mandates.

4.6 Schools must provide information and opportunities to support technical, trade, and
military careers. Critical thinking skills need to be developed.

4.7 We support using competition, technology, market forces, and partnerships with faith-
based groups and private industries to provide quality education.

4.8 It is the role of parents or legal guardians to direct topics of education concerning human
sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, ethics, and moral values.
Governmental or public agencies shall obtain written permission before discussing sex
and/or gender-related subjects with minor age children and shall not penalize families for
opting out.

4.9 Parents or legal guardians are the final authority in deciding what is best for their
children; they must receive full disclosure and give written permission before any
healthcare services, outside referrals, content, or materials are distributed to their
children. No person shall be forced to undergo any healthcare services as a condition of
school enrollment or attendance.

4.10 No person shall be forced to share a restroom, locker-room, or shower with a person of
the opposite biological sex. Attempts shall be made to provide appropriate facilities for all