The Oregon Republican Party believes that all foreign policy decisions must adhere to the United
States Constitution and be based upon the security, vital national interests, sovereignty, and well-
being of the United States.

7.1 We support providing foreign aid only to nations and groups actively working in
support of our interests.

7.2 We support the promotion of American principles such as individual liberty and
human rights. We support measures that oppose genocide, abortion, and religious
and political persecution.

7.3 We believe in the sovereignty of all nations and reject nation building. Peaceful, free
nations should not be deprived of the right to defend their continued existence and

7.4 We stand with and support the sovereign right to exist of threatened countries such
as Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, and Ukraine. We support continued arms sales to
Taiwan and recognize our agreements and obligations to defend Taiwan against
Chinese aggression. We believe the United States’ “one China” policy must evolve
into a “one democratic China” policy.

7.5 We recognize that violent, radical, Islamic Jihadists and other groups have, by their
actions, declared war on America and that the U.S. Government needs to be clear
about this. We believe that a criminal justice approach to combating terrorist acts
of war is insufficient and we support using all constitutional means available and
necessary to combat and end this threat. The United States must not tolerate
terrorist actions or nations that enable terrorism. This in no way legitimizes
depriving U.S. citizens of their constitutional rights.

7.6 The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land; therefore, the United States shall
defend its sovereignty and is solely responsible for its national defense, free from
foreign interference. We oppose programs such as the United Nations Agenda 2030,
and related initiatives to cede jurisdiction or to relinquish any control over the
United States, its citizens, military, territories, or resources. We also oppose
initiatives to cede taxing authority, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, to any world
body such as the United Nations, the World Court, the International Monetary Fund
or the World Trade Organization. We oppose United Nation efforts to subvert our
Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

7.7 We urge the continued development of advanced military weapon systems to
protect our national infrastructure and citizenry and to maintain the technical and
military superiority of the United States.

7.8 We affirm that the President of the United States must adhere to the constitutional
separation of powers by seeking and receiving Congressional authorization for any
act of war and by seeking and receiving Senate approval for any treaty.

7.9 We support national initiatives to profoundly improve cyber-security at all levels.
We believe foreign-initiated cyber-attacks, including election interference, should
be countered with appropriate active responses, including consequences for nation-
states that host, sponsor, or for any reason fail to end these attacks and bring the
perpetrators to justice.

7.10 We stand with the people of Hong Kong in their quest for freedom and liberty. We
demand that China adhere to the treaty governing the transfer of Hong Kong from
British to Chinese jurisdiction. We support President Trump linking Chinese trade
policy to the Hong Kong situation.