Families and individuals have the sole responsibility and right to make their own healthcare
decisions. A free market system of health insurance and health care delivery is the surest way to
provide high-quality, affordable, physical and mental health care that preserves individual
freedom and privacy. We advocate the protection of the physician-patient relationship, the
promotion of competition and the provision of individual freedom.

9.1 We support the fundamental and inalienable right of an individual, family, or group to
seek out and pursue the health care services of their choosing, with full informed
consent and without government retribution.

9.2 We support the elimination of government barriers, incentives, or mandates that limit an
individual’s health coverage options (insurance, sharing networks, self-insured, etc.) or
increase the costs for individuals, families, groups, and employers.

9.3 We support the full repeal of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act and oppose any efforts to implement similar provisions at the state level.

9.4 The abortion industry has ignored, covered up, and denied the health care risks
that abortion causes. We promote pursuing full disclosure of all known risks,
complications, and causal links of abortion.