The Oregon Republican Party agrees with our nation’s founders that our unalienable rights are
endowed by our Creator and that government without the consent of the governed is tyranny. No
government shall infringe upon our individual rights and freedoms such as bodily autonomy from
conception to natural death, medical freedom, and private property. Nor shall government infringe
upon the security of our private communications, transactions, or movements. We affirm that the
powers of the Federal Government are limited to those enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and
restricted by the 9th and 10th Amendments and subject to rescission under Article 5.

We advocate limiting the scope and jurisdiction of the Federal Government, addressing abuses in the
commerce and general welfare clauses, and term limits on all unelected and elected federal officials.

We support placing a reasonable limit on the number of bills that are submitted in the Oregon
Legislature during each legislative session in order that state legislators have the time to give due
and proper consideration to each of them. We further believe that bills in the legislature should be
simple, succinct, and single subject, as per Oregon Constitution Article 4, Section 21. Oregon
Republicans will support any and all efforts to end the abuse of the emergency clause that
deliberately shuts out voter participation in the legislative process.