The Oregon Republican Party believes the U.S. Constitution and the Oregon Constitution are the
highest laws of the land, and that all other laws must be consistent with them; that laws for the
punishment of crime shall be founded on these principles: protection of society, personal
responsibility, accountability for one’s actions, and reformation; to preserve and protect the rights
of crime victims.

2.1 We support the highest budget prioritization for the funding of public safety with
appropriate truth in sentencing and mandatory minimum sentences; using enforcement as
a deterrent, including the use of the death penalty.

2.2 We believe all courts should exercise judicial restraint, not activism when interpreting our
Constitutions and statutes. We support election and appointment of justices who support
the US and Oregon Constitutions.

2.3 We support an individual’s right to privacy, specifically including personal possessions
and electronic records from unlawful surveillance, search, or seizure, unless authorized by
a specific warrant or detainer based on due process or probable cause, and that is not in
conflict with the US or Oregon Constitutions.

2.4 Oregon residents shall be given the full justice of the civil court system, including equal
discovery rights and a fair hearing, before an administrative agency can revoke rights,
institute fines, or invoke other penalties.

2.5 While respecting the rights of victims and ensuring offender accountability, we support
preventative measures for addiction, mental health, chronic homelessness, and other
social conditions that contribute to crimes or other violations of law so that solutions can
be implemented.

2.6 We believe in the right of individual owners to be secure in their property and personal
effects. We oppose legal system overreach such as civil asset forfeiture, indefinite
confiscation of evidence, and eminent domain seizures where property is transferred to a
third party.

2.7 We support Oregon public safety officers, but seek to promote traditional conceptions of
locally-based officers serving their communities, and condemn political interference in law
enforcement decisions, including responses to lawful public protests in Oregon.

2.8 We support the local Sheriff as being the highest law enforcement authority within each

2.9 We believe public officials have a duty to enforce the law. The officials who do not live up
to their oath of office deny constitutional rights to the voters.

2.10 We do not support the use of hate speech laws to criminalize free speech.