Oregon’s natural resources, when managed responsibly, are vital to our state’s environment,
economy, and prosperity. We believe that our government exists by the consent of the governed and
support the free market system with minimal regulation. We believe that individual property
owners and local citizens are the best stewards of our natural resources.

5.1 We support multiple uses of our public lands and waters with minimal government
interference. This includes, but is not limited to, agriculture, logging, mining, tourism,
power generation, recreation, and commercial fishing.

5.2 We support and encourage the transfer of federally administered lands to local control, as
provided for in the Act of Congress Admitting Oregon into the Union of 1859 (Enabling

5.3 We strongly support and encourage the use of the coordination process, as defined by the
Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, by local governments to ensure federal
projects are consistent with local plans, economy, culture, and history.

5.4 The American Antiquities Act of 1906 was adopted to protect antiquities and should not
be used as a tactic by public officials to take private lands or restrict the use of public
lands. We oppose the withdrawal, use, or taking of public lands to create wilderness,
monument, or any other restrictive categories without approval from Congress and
approval of the people of Oregon. We oppose any land management agency denying
access to, or use of, publicly owned lands by temporary administrative restrictions such
as “in support of pending legislation.”

5.5 We support the State’s primacy over the Federal Government in relation to state waters.

5.6 Water rights are real property rights and we support the constitutional protection of
surface and groundwater rights. We support the right to collect rainwater from roofs on
private property.

5.7 All hydropower in Oregon is renewable energy. We oppose the breaching of dams and
encourage expanded water storage capacity, including groundwater recharge, to provide
adequate water resources and flood control. We support the installation of fish passage
systems on all existing dams on anadromous waterways.

5.8 We support and promote the security of individual property rights and oppose the taking
of private property without just compensation.

5.9 We respect the right of private landowners to take reasonable steps necessary to protect
their property and we support adjusting the laws to respect those rights.

5.10 We oppose the sale of Oregon mineral resources, such as uranium or strategic rare earth
minerals, to foreign interests that may use such substances to endanger national security.

5.11 We support the constitutional protection of private property rights, including the rights of
prospectors and small-scale miners.

5.12 We oppose international environmental treaties or agreements with organizations using
environmental issues for social engineering and/or global control.

5.13 We believe individuals have the right to protect themselves, their livestock, and
domesticated animals from predators, regardless of the predators’ species federal or state
protection status.

5.14 We oppose reintroduction or protection of any fish, wildlife, or plant species in Oregon
unless there is valid, peer-reviewed scientific data and the consent of state and local

5.15 We oppose the use of the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA), to recover any attorney fees
for natural resources advocacy groups.

5.16 We support and recognize the Oregon and California Revested Lands Sustained Yield
Management Act of 1937 (popularly known as the O&C Act) as being vital to Oregon’s
economy and schools and oppose set-asides that remove public land from sustained-yield
timber production.

5.17 We believe Oregon can have both clean air and a healthy community with fair and
reasonable air quality regulations. We do not support regulations that cause undue
burdens to Oregon businesses.

5.18 We support removing the authority of regional government or service districts over local
cities and counties.

5.19 We support the delisting of species protected by the State or Federal Government at the
earliest opportunity, based on the complete and timely implementation of the recovery
plans or if there is a low probability of recovery.

5.20 The lack of healthy forest management has devastated Oregon communities. We support
increased timber harvest on public lands that is scientifically based on a sustained yield
basis. We support the streamlined reduction of hazardous fuels and expedited harvesting
of burned timber resources to reduce future wildfire hazard and intensity on publicly
managed lands.

5.21 We recognize geothermal and nuclear energy as market based, efficient, alternative
energy sources and support their development with proper safe storage of spent fuel.