The Oregon Republican Party believes that free market capitalism, private property rights,
low taxation, minimal regulation, and limited government intervention are the foundations
of a vibrant and prosperous economy.

3.1 In order for a free economy to exist, government should recognize the supremacy of
individuals and corporations to enter into contracts with one another, free from

3.2 The supply and demand for goods, services, and labor costs shall be determined by the
free market. Government must not create, own, operate, subsidize or assume control of
any private business, nor be party to any enterprise which should be operated privately.
Government-provided services should not create undue burdens on the free market or
business and industry.

3.3 We believe in the right to work. Employees should be free to choose whether or not to join
a union as a condition of employment. Employers should be allowed to hire the best-
qualified employees.

3.4 Private property rights (including, but not limited to, water, mineral, land sales, and
development rights) are the wellspring of economic prosperity. Private property owners
should be fairly compensated for any regulations that diminish property values.

3.5 We believe a vibrant economy will flourish when the Federal Reserve is not allowed to
weaken sound money and interfere with free market financial returns. We advocate for an
annual audit of the Federal Reserve system by the General Accounting Office (GAO).

3.6 We believe that no corporation should be above the law. We do not support bailouts;
businesses should be allowed to succeed or fail.

3.7 Oregon governments need to aggressively manage their spending and reduce all forms of
debt, primarily Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) unfunded liability, in order for
a prosperous economy to exist.

3.8 Adequate supply of affordable homes, defined as homes that do not require more than
25%-30% of the net discretionary income of residents in the local area, is desirable for a
healthy economy. We support reviewing, repealing, and reforming overly restrictive land
use laws and plans to allow and develop broader based options.

3.9 Whereas excessive taxation leads to unemployment and poverty, we believe that Oregon
tax policy should benefit Oregonians directly and not serve as publicity for issues deemed
national or international.