The Oregon Republican Party supports a strong military which is the means to maintain our
country’s freedom. We support Veterans and military families and honor them for their sacrifices.

16.1 We support the best available training and equipment for our military personnel.

16.2 We support our Veterans and family members receiving the highest quality of timely
medical care from the medical practitioner of each Veterans’ choosing, whether from the
Veterans’ Administration or private practice.

16.3 We support Veterans through the utilization of community and/or faith-based programs
to assist Veterans transitioning into civilian life; this includes programs for suicide
prevention, domestic violence, mental health services, and substance abuse counseling.

16.5 We support vocational, apprenticeship, and educational programs which assist Veterans in
their training for the careers of today and tomorrow.

16.6 We support protecting Second Amendment rights of Veterans.

16.7 We encourage Oregon state/local agencies and businesses to hire Veterans.