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Official 2021 Republican Platform Survey

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Voter Guide

Political Partisans Betsy Johnson served as a partisan Democrat in Salem for 20+ years and wrote the budget for the past decade. Tina Kotek spent 15 years in the legislature and

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Economy Education Family Health Care Integrity Protection Liberty The Republican platform, supporting equality and liberty for over one hundred years. Read More local events Upcoming events

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Abraham Lincoln The first republican president join the fight where we stand fight for Oregon DONATE BECOME A PCP What is a PCP? LOCAL LEADERSHIP

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Platform Single Page

Oregon Republican Party Platform The 2019 Platform as amended August 24th, 2019  Our platform outlines our guiding principles, which define the role and scope of

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Religious Liberty

Freedom of religion and the rights of conscience are unalienable rights ordained by God, ourCreator and are the foundation of our society which no Government

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Election Integrity

We believe that to protect the value of each Oregon vote, every voter must prove one’s UnitedStates citizenship, Oregon residency, and legal voting age of

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The US and Oregon Constitutions guarantee the unalienable right of all people to use anyreasonable and necessary force to defend their homes, protect themselves, others,

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Rules and Regulations

The Oregon Republican Party believes rules and regulations are to support the laws passed by thelegislative bodies and shall not impose undue burden or loss

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The Oregon Republican Party recognizes that securing our national borders is essential to ensurethe sovereignty and safety of our state. We encourage legal immigration, assimilation,

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Health Care

Families and individuals have the sole responsibility and right to make their own healthcaredecisions. A free market system of health insurance and health care delivery

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Government Spending

The Oregon Republican Party believes in limited, accountable, efficient, and transparentgovernment at all levels, which performs its core constitutional functions in accordance with thehighest ethical

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Foreign Policy

The Oregon Republican Party believes that all foreign policy decisions must adhere to the UnitedStates Constitution and be based upon the security, vital national interests,

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The Oregon Republican Party believes that the traditional family, formed through the marriage ofone man and one woman, is ordained by God our Creator and

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The Oregon Republican Party believes that all children deserve a quality education. Parents andlegal guardians have the primary right and responsibility to educate their children

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The Republican Party of Jefferson County, Oregon about us why should you care? introduce the republican party of Jefferson County, Oregon It is a long

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BALLOT MEASURE 114 AKA (IP17) Ballot Title: Reduce Gun Violence In realty this is “Reduce Gun Ownership”! This ballot measure dramatically changes Oregon law relating

New Credit Card Rule Creates Gun Registry

New Credit Card Rule Creates Gun Registry TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 NRA-ILA | New Credit Card Rule Creates Gun Registry ( On September 9, the

US Constitution

The Bill of Rights, written in 1789 and containing 475 words, form the basis freedoms enjoyed by people within the United States today.

US Constitution

The Cornell Law School provides a great breakdown of the US Constitution and much of the original content for this page comes from their work.

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Jefferson County Republicans meeting

We will be gathering at the Community Center located at 860 SW Madison St in Madras at 6:30 PM on April 28th. Add to Calendar

Become a Precinct Committee Person

PCP Handbook You can be elected and  you can be appointed in between elections. Jefferson County Republican party will help you with the proper paperwork. What

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OSHA’s “permament” mask mandate

Urgent Action Needed – Quick, Easy and Important! Oregon OSHA’s current mask and distancing mandate for state businesses, schools, and public places is expiring as